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Fruit for the Poor in Nepal

Sponsored fruit for the monks at Segyu Monastery. The fruit is distributed to all monks twice a day. Food for the poor on the streets is a meal without fruit. But we can do better! It can be different, with your support we can distribute fruit for the poor too.

Fruit is ook nodig voor arme mensen.
Wij zoeken sponsors om fruit aan de maaltijden toe te kunnen voegen.

Can we do without fruit? Fruit can be very healthy! Fruit is best known for the large amount of vitamins, dietary fibre and antioxidants found in it. Poor children also need fruit. Any donation can help sponsor meals and fruit together.

Segyu monastery is full of young children who are left at the gate of the monastery or by agreement with the parents. The parents cannot take care of their children, are poor and have no source of income. The monastery takes care of the children and gives them education and food. Fruit and food are the last expenses on the budget and many monks have eye infections and skin problems. Since fruit distribution within the monastery, there are fewer health problems. But the number of monks has increased from 80 to 140. In October 2023, we visited the monastery and found that the monks were getting only half pieces of fruit. The distribution of fruit for the monastery has since been increased! Each monk again gets two pieces of fruit a day.

Watermelons for Segyu monastery in Kathmandu

A heart warming video showing how monks pray before eating.

Morning appeal at Segyu monastery.

The power of regular, recurring donations is simply the fact that we can guarantee daily food, minerals and fruit for the monks. Food for the Poor Nepal is the only organisation in Nepal that distribute food in different locations.

Moreover, a supplier from Mani Bhadra BV has sponsored 50.000 portions of fluid calcium for the (mini-)monks who can benefit health wise by increasing their intake of calcium.

50,000 servings of liquid calcium for the (mini) monks who will benefit health-wise by getting more calcium.

Poor, handicapped, disabled people, single mothers and children in the streets of Kathmandu depend on your generosity and our organisation to get a daily fresh made meal.

Children regain hope through a regular daily meal. Homeless and desperate people appreciate our meals so much that they constantly ask when we will return. But every day we sponsor different locations.

Hunger can kill! 25% of poor children under five die in Nepal. Our volunteers ensure that every euro donated is one more meal. Thank you very much.

Caring and sharing warms the hearts of helpless people. They rely on the generosity of others and the help of our volunteers. Food for the Poor Nepal wants to show who they are by distributing food in Kathmandu.


Every donation is one meal for a desperate and hungry person


Is to distribute freshley made meals for homeless and desperate people and their children. That's why we ask you to make it possible to continue our work every day in Kathmandu.


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