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Long distance adoptions

Long distance adoption

Fondazione Lama Gangchen Help in Action Onlus with offices in Italy, is the parent organisation of Food for the Poor Nepal and the Help in Action foundations in Germany and the Netherlands.
The organisation exists and operates since 1992, exclusively on a voluntary basis and was registered in Italy in 1997. In 2019, it was approved as an ONLUS Foundation.
We are working under the same umbrella in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy with an international team of volunteers.

Food for the Poor
The great importance of Food for the Poor in Nepal has led to it having its own website but of course also with attention to the importance of Help in Action.

Sponsorship money is used to provide education in local schools for children f

The devastating earthquake of April 2015 caused a further blow to an already very fragile economy; thousands of families lost their homes and possessions, and many villages, especially in the most mountainous regions, have still not yet received any help. The Kathmandu Valley, now more than ever, continues to attract thousands of poor people from the countryside who are in desperate need of work. But, as the economic situation of the country continues to worsen, the numbers of unemployed and hungry grow; in the capital vast areas of degradation exist where the rising number of poor live in precarious homes that lack water, sanitation, electricity, food, mattresses, blankets.
In recent years, the closure of many small carpet factories, has also resulted in more job losses and an increasing number of unemployed.

Life expectancy is low and the illiteracy rate is high

Life expectancy is low and the illiteracy rate is high, as school attendance is not free but involves payment of fees that too many families simply cannot afford: children are often sent to work at an early age.
Medical care is also not free, and for the poorest people it is often impossible for them to pay for any necessary treatment.

Sponsorship money is used to provide education

Sponsorship money is used to provide education in local schools for children from poor families. Many of the adopted children are placed in the Gangchen Samling School, located on the outskirts of Kathmandu, which welcomes about 450 children from some of the most needy families of the surrounding area. It presently offers education from nursery to class 10. Many of our sponsored children have already been awarded diplomas and degrees after college and university studies.

Following adoption, school-age children are placed in one of the schools in the area, all subject to payment.

It is possible to correspond directly – in English – with the adopted child, by sending letters to the office of the Association in Italy, which are then delivered by the Association (it is also possible to write in Italian, the volunteers will make the translation).
The Kathmandu office helps families, as much as possible, to take care of any correspondence (most parents are illiterate and anyway are unable to write in English). It is necessary to understand that the children’s letters are very simple, often repetitive and usually only express their gratitud. Photos, school report cards, children’s drawings and so on, are regularly sent to their sponsors.
It is possible to visit the adopted child, as many of our supporters have already done with great mutual joy.

Receiving food depends on generosity from others.

Donate to Help in Action projects please.

Thanks to our parent organisation Help In Action, many projects have been realised with the help of sponsors in 25 years:

  • Adoption at a distance
  • Elders, sick and disabled
  • Education & school
  • Emergency Fund
  • Health projects
  • Food for the Poor


Food for the Poor, is a project of Help in Action Onlus.
Help in Action| Fondazione Lama Gangchen Help in Action Onlus Italy.
LGIGPF Help in Action Onlus, The Netherlands.
LGKT Help in Action Onlus, e.V. Germany.

For the possibility of tax deductions, check out our detailed explanation page.

Fondazione Lama Gangchen Help in Action Onlus
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LGIGPF Help in Action Onlus Nederland
Van Nispensingel 81, 8016 MT – Zwolle, Nederland
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LGKT Help in Action e.V. Onlus
Deutsche Niederlassung – Help in Action e.V.
Am Schwarzkamp 22, 47802 Krefeld, Germany
Telefon +49 2151 9289369
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Kontonummer: 109 090 050, BLZ: 314 602 90
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How your donation is collected:
“Why Donate” is the organisation that collects the money for Food for the Poor Nepal and Help in Action. They offer various payment options such as: Credit Cards, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, Bancontact, Sofort Banking, Giropay, MyBank, PayPal and bank transfers, making it easy for donors from all over the world to donate to our charity.
When making your online donation, please indicate which Help in Action project you want to sponsor.

Long distance donations Help in Action

Contact the Help in Action organisation in one of the three countries below. Italy, Netherlands , Germany.

Together we can make a difference!
With love and compassion, we focus on the wellbeing of others
Our team of volunteers and you as a sponsor can ensure that people in need are helped.

Every donation is one meal for a desperate and hungry person


Is to distribute freshley made meals for homeless and desperate people and their children. That's why we ask you to make it possible to continue our work every day in Kathmandu.


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