We work for humans in Nepal,
they need dignity and food

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Our volunteers

Volunteers from Austria, Italy, Germany The Netherlands and India are distributing food to the poor people in Kathmandu. Approximately 4 million people live in its urban agglomeration and 900.000 people in Kathmandu. Voluntary work in Kathmandu opens your mind to different ways of life. The direct contact with desperate, poor and homeless people will teach you more than any textbook can. There’s no question that your priorities will be realigned when you return home. When you involve yourself in volunteer work in poor countries everyone benefits.

The Food for the Poor team prepares fresh meals daily. “Sometimes they feel so sad when they meet poor families without the opportunity to buy clothes or shoes for their child. Tears and sadness are often part of our volunteer work. But every day they are motivated again to distribute food to the poor. ‘We work for the forgotten, poor and often homeless people in Nepal; they need dignity and food’.

Our Food for the Poor volunteers distributes not only food but also good vibrations, Healing, Peace, Harmony, Hope, Joy, Respect & Dignity. As a result …more happy people and less suffering for the poor people.

Extreme poverty, hunger, poor hygiene, and limited access to education are significant causes of high malnutrition rates.

Salaries for our Food for the Poor team members in Nepal is paid by a sponsor in Europe.

Food distribution teams on their way to different locations in Kathmandu.

While food security in Nepal has improved in recent years, 4.6 million people are food-insecure.

Nepali volunteers and coordinator.

1.Lama Gangchen Rinpoche 2.Pabongka Rinpoche/Food for the Poor manager 2+4 – 3.Team coordinators

Frequently asked questions and donations instruction.

Every donation is one meal for a desperate and hungry person


Is to distribute freshley made meals for homeless and desperate people and their children. That's why we ask you to make it possible to continue our work every day in Kathmandu.


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