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Fiscal deductibility

Fiscal deductions for donors and companies.

Fourteen out of 16 European countries offer tax breaks for donations by individuals, and 15 for donations from companies. Finland gives this only for companies, Sweden not at all, the others all do something. These then include Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, UK and Switzerland. Austria does limit the type of charities and Slovenia does not allow you to deduct more than 0.5% of the tax payable amount. Several countries have a threshold like the Netherlands (in our case, 1% of gross income). The UK and Ireland have a system whereby the tax benefit can be transferred to the charity. This is called ‘Gift Aid’ in the UK and the donation can therefore be increased by the deduction in the first tax bracket, which means an additional 25%. This was introduced under the first Blair government and, at the time, provided a substantial boost to charitable donations.

Most countries have a ceiling on what is deductible, usually 10-20% of taxable income (NL 10%). Others have a maximum amount, which can vary substantially: in Norway over €4000 and in Ireland €1 million! Many countries require charities to provide information to the government, only Slovakia, Slovenia and the Netherlands do not. By the way, no country has an obligation to disclose donations to the public.
One more general observation in the report is that across the board, tax benefits for companies are still slightly more generous than for individuals. This is not the case in the Netherlands but it is in several other countries.
There are also countries, such as Slovakia, where you are allowed to allocate 2% of the tax to be paid to one or more charities in your income tax return (or corporate tax return).

Our NON PROFIT foundations

Fondazione Lama Gangchen Help in Action Onlus is the mother organisation from Food for the Poor Nepal.
And the Help in Action foundations in Germany and the Netherlands.
The organisation exists and operates since 1992, exclusively on a voluntary basis and was registered in Italy in 1997. In 2019, it was approved as an ONLUS Foundation. We are working under the same umbrella in
The Netherlands, Germany and Italy with an international team of volunteers.

Help in Action | Fondazione Lama Gangchen Help in Action Onlus
Via Marco Polo 13, 20124 Milano, Italia
Piazza IV Alpini 14, 28813 Albagnano di Bée (VB) Italia
Tel: 0323 569645 Fax: 0323 569878 |
IBAN IT58 D056 9601 6120 0000 2877 X24

LGIGPF Help in Action Nederland
Van Nispensingel 81, 8016 MT – Zwolle, Nederland
LGIGPF Help in Action
NL21TRIO 00391063502

donations trough the website.
Or trough you own bankaccount.

How donations on the website from Food for the Poor Nepal are collected:
“Why Donate” is the organisation that collects the money for Food for the Poor and Help in Action. They offer various payment options such as: Credit Cards, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, Bancontact, Sofort Banking, Giropay, MyBank, PayPal and bank transfers, making it easy for donors from all over the world to donate to our charity.
Donors / sponsors paying by bank please use the reference Food for the Poor Nepal with your payment.
Thank you.

Together we can make a difference!
With love and compassion, we focus on the wellbeing of others.
Our team of volunteers and you as a donor / sponsor
can ensure that people in need are helped.

Every donation is one meal for a desperate and hungry person


Is to distribute freshley made meals for homeless and desperate people and their children. That's why we ask you to make it possible to continue our work every day in Kathmandu.


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