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In a world full of hunger, there is a story that needs to be told…

The heart of our Food for the Poor project is the very necessity of food distribution in Nepal. Ending hunger is one of the greatest challenges of our times. With the power of generosity a donor can sponsor food to a poor person, a mother, a child, or a disabled person.

Become an ambassador and sponsor for €10 a month.

It is indeed a fact that children do not understand the concept of sharing. In their own little world, it is all about them, and therefore, they generally do not make it a habit to share or care for others. However, when they grow up into a young school-going child, they have to learn to share as a part of their social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is important to teach children the value and importance of sharing so that they grow up into balanced adults who enjoy helping and caring others, without discriminating anyone.

Most of the children and adolescents left out of Nepal’s progress are denied many of the same rights simultaneously.

Weak health systems and poverty play a role in keeping nutritious food out of reach of families, handicapped people and children.

Even though overall poverty is decreasing, two-thirds of the children are still deprived of at least one of seven basic needs.  According to United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Report,  Nepal is the third poorest among 58 countries in Asia with the sixth lowest human development ranking.

Daily prayers by young monks before eating.

Touching video from the daily prayers by young monks before eating.

When children do not have enough food, their brains and bodies suffer.

Mother and child and disabled person begging for money and food.

Hunger can be deadly!
25% of poor children under five are dying in Nepal.

A regular, recurring donation helps Food for the Poor Nepal enormously.

Set up by Jan de Ruiter CEO of Mani Bhadra BV – Phoenix Import in the Netherlands. He promises to coordinate the distribution of daily freshly made meals to the poorest of the poor living on the streets of Kathmandu. His company is the sponsor for all other costs; such as salaries of employees, transport costs, website and advertising costs and cutlery.
Wholesale customers from Phoenix Import are also sponsors of meals.

If you are not getting enough calories, chances are you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals either. Nutritional deficiencies may cause a long list of health complications including, but not limited to, anaemia, infertility, bone loss, poor dental health and decreased thyroid function.
That is why we talk about life-saving food.

No matter the size of your donation, if you make it a regular, recurring donation, you are helping Food for the Poor Nepal and the poor people in Nepal who depend on your donation. It really helps enormously in reducing the risk of malnutrition, disease and premature death.
10 life saving meals for 10 persons monthly donation € 10,00
25 life saving meals for 25 persons monthly donation € 25,00 asked questions

Every donation is one meal for a desperate and hungry person


Is to distribute freshley made meals for homeless and desperate people and their children. That's why we ask you to make it possible to continue our work every day in Kathmandu.


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