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Spread our mission

Volunteers from Austria, Italy, Germany The Netherlands and India are distributing food to the poor people in Kathmandu.
Voluntary work in Kathmandu opens your mind to different ways of life. The direct contact with desperate, poor and homeless people will teach you more than any textbook can. There is no question that your priorities will be realigned when you return home. When you involve yourself in volunteer work in poor countries everyone benefits.

Would you like to become an Ambassador for Food for the Poor Nepal? Share our website with social media and friends. Spread our mission…

Together we can improve the living conditions of poor people in Nepal. Hope, Joy, Respect, Dignity…. and Food.
Become a member of the Good Karma Crew.

Ambassadors for the Food For the Poor Nepal, preparing for food distribution.
Caring is Sharing! How do you Teach your child to share?

Food for the Poor is organising children education: Caring and Sharing.

Schools in Kathmandu can make a request for an education morning. Learning the principles of generosity, sharing is caring and distributing food to the Poor.

Volunteer Crew Members distributing Life saving food at Swayambunath Nepal.
A true meditative way of serving others, of generating love and compassion toward others. Showing respect without any discrimination. By taking time to serve food in this way, there is always beautiful interactions.

Do you know how important sponsors are
How important you are
To sponsor life-saving food
To share our mission
Without any discrimination

Food for the Poor Nepal project manager
Jan de Ruiter
Thank you.

Every donation is one meal for a desperate and hungry person


Is to distribute freshley made meals for homeless and desperate people and their children. That's why we ask you to make it possible to continue our work every day in Kathmandu.


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